Big Wins at the Pollie Awards

For almost 20 years, MacWilliams Robinson & Partners has put a premium on winning elections and ground breaking communications - but it’s still nice to be recognized by our peers for the quality of our work.

And though we’re now two firms, MacWilliams Kirchner Sanders & Partners and Robinson Hunt Communications, we are all very proud of the strong partnerships we have with our clients that earned 12 Pollie Awards for MR&P – including five gold awards for our work with the Coalition for Progress and Campaign Money Watch and awards for Ted Strickland for Governor, the Yes on 203 ballot initiative in Arizona, and for Public Campaign Action Fund.

Working with the Coalition for Progress in 2006, we helped reelect Governor Jennifer Granholm and give the Democrats control of the Michigan House of Representatives.
We did it using a highly-targeted communication strategy that we developed and field tested over the last few years that layers new media with field, television and radio to turn out key voting blocs, such as women drop-off voters. We also increased young voter turnout by combining a first-of-its-kind text messaging program with social network organizing and targeted cable advertising on programs like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

  • Television Governor: Independent Expenditure Campaign – Gold Award
    “Second Verse”
    Client – Coalition for Progress
  • Internet/New Technology Campaign – Gold Award
    Client – Coalition for Progress
  • Television State Legislature: Independent Expenditure Campaign– Gold Award
    Client - Coalition for Progress
  • Persuasion Online Advertisement: Independent Expenditure Campaign – Silver Award
    Client - Coalition for Progress
  • Best Use of Social Networking – Bronze Award
    Client - Coalition for Progress
  • Radio State Legislature: Campaign/Issue Advocacy/527 – Bronze Award
    “Serious Muskegon”
    Client - Coalition for Progress
  • Best GOTV Program for an Independent Expenditure – Gold Award
    Client - Coalition for Progress
    *Shared with Grassroots Solutions and consultant team

Last June working with Campaign Money Watch, we helped defeat Ralph Reed who was running for Lt. Governor in Georgia. As part of a “converged campaign” we developed a strategic plan that included targeted cable and radio advertising, phone calls and emails. Working with Stones Phones, one of the phone calls won a top award.

  • Independent Expenditure Campaign Phone Calls – Gold Award
  • “Did You Know?”
  • Client – Campaign Money Watch
    *Shared with Stones Phones

Our other 2007 Pollie Awards include work on a statewide campaign for Governor, statewide ballot initiatives, and against former U.S. Rep. Bob Ney:

  • Overall Radio Campaign – Honorable Mention
    Client – Ted Strickland for Governor (Ohio)
  • Statewide Initiative/Referendum/Constitutional Amendment Radio Ad – Silver Award
    “Growing Up Too”
    Client – Yes on 203 (Arizona)
  • Bilingual/Multilingual/Foreign Language Radio Ad – Honorable Mention
    Client – Yes on 203 (Arizona)
  • Independent Expenditure Campaign U.S. House Radio Ad – Honorable Mention
    “Bad Swing”
    Client – Public Campaign Action Fund

Thanks to all of our clients and friends we’ve worked with over the years. We’ll have more news and updates coming soon.