MacConnell & Friends

What do lobbyists with connections, media giants, and big money donors all have in common? Apparently, it’s Senator Mitch McConnell.

Public Campaign Action Fund wanted to make sure Kentuckians knew the type of deals Senator McConnell makes for them in Washington. Working with PCAF, we spotlighted McConnell’s relationship with a former staffer turned lobbyist. The lobbyist raised $120,000 for McConnell’s campaigns. McConnell got the lobbyist’s client an $8.3 million dollar contract to buy ipod-like devices for Afghani tribesmen.

But that’s not all. Insight Media, the cable giant, decided after business hours yesterday to not air the ad during last night’s University of Louisville football game. Why? Censorship? Political favors? Not sure - they never even told us about their decision to not run the ad. What we do know is that executives at Insight donated $17,000 to McConnell’s reelection campaign back in March.

Check out the ad for yourself to see why McConnell and his friends are so worried.