'08 Was Great!

MKSP congratulates President-Elect Obama and are delighted to have worked on races this season that included Presidential contenders as well as local state representation and numerous other issues on the ballot this November.

MKSP offers sincere congratulations to Representatives Brian Baird (WA-3) and Ron Kind (WI-3) who won their reelection bids in 2008.  It has been our pleasure to have worked with Reps. Baird and Kind for many years, and we look forward to seeing them continue to further the work of Congress and push for progressive change in Washington DC. 

Though we have a perfect record in reelecting incumbents, we also filled our time this election season crafting integrated and effective media for a variety of races of all shapes and sizes.

In 2008, we worked with longtime client Campaign Money Watch on a host of different races:

·       MKSP worked with Campaign Money Watch to expose Presidential Candidate John McCain’s record on gambling and his close ties to lobbyists throughout his long career.  Our spots garnered national attention, including coverage in the New York Times.

·       The MKSP-CMW team was also a part of a successful campaign to display Alaska Senator Ted Stevens’ corrupt and inappropriate actions, his dealings with lobbyists, and his close ties to the pharmaceutical and insurance companies.  Stevens would go on to be convicted of seven felonies and lose his senate seat. See the spot that aired in Alaska here.

·       In Colorado, the spots we produced for Campaign Money Watch helped to defeat Senator Bob Schaffer and clean up politics.  Schaffer’s ties to the oil industry and shady dealings with lobbyists hurt both Washington and Denver. MKSP’s ads were part of a multifaceted effort by many different progressive groups to drastically move poll numbers and successfully elect Senator Udall.

·       Kentucky was home to an exciting Senate race in 2008, as Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) faced a tough challenge from Democrat Bruce Lunsford.  MKSP and Campaign Money Watch producing a spot that called to question who McConnell was using his political clout for – personal gain, or to help his constituents?  The spot also garnered national attention and helped to make this a close race.

MKSP is proud to have worked to educate voters on numerous important (and successful!) ballot initiatives. 

  • In Minnesota, a spot we produced helped to publicize and tell voters about the Clean Water Amendment.  Even in a tough economic climate, voters passed the largest bond ever for the environment — an amendment that raised the sales tax 3/8 of one percent in order to fund the cleanup of Minnesota’s lakes, parks, and to allot money for the arts.  Minneapolis’s “Strong Cities, Strong Schools” referendum successfully passed with the help of MKSP’s sound political advice and quality media.  The referendum will fund reading, science, and math programs, as well as textbooks, technology, and help to limit class size. 
  • In Nebraska, MKSP’s radio and TV ads were successful in educating the residents of Lincoln about a Constitutional Amendment they eventually passed.  Amendment 1 has allowed the city government to make safe, secure investments to fund improvements in libraries, parks, and other community services.

We are proud to of all the candidates we worked for this season, and though we didn’t win every campaign, we look forward to working hard for progressive candidates and issues, wise leadership, and important causes in 2009 and beyond!