Tracey Brooks Launches Second TV Ad

MKSP produced the latest ad for Tracey Brooks’ campaign to represent the 21st Congressional District of New York.

“I Need,” shown below, focuses on the real problems families are facing everyday and highlights Brooks’ message of standing up to the Republicans in Congress and making government accountable to the people again. The ad is airing on broadcast and cable television across the seven counties of the 21st Congressional District.

“The launch of our second TV ad, along with our radio and mail campaigns, continued grassroots and netroots efforts, and growing volunteer-based movement are all a demonstration that our campaign as the momentum and our message is resonating with the voters,” said Brooks. “I have focused my campaign on making government accountable again and on the issues important to working families such as ending the war in Iraq and investing that money here at home, guaranteeing affordable health care for all, standing up for a woman’s right to choose, and putting an end to skyrocking gas prices.”

In the Democratic primary to replace retiring Congressman Michael McNulty, Tracey has been endorsed by Rep. McNulty’s sister, Green Island Mayor Ellen McNulty Ryan, and his father Jack McNulty, former Albany County Sheriff and former Green Island Mayor. Tracey has also received endorsements from over 60 locally elected and Democratic Party officials, EMILY’s List, women’s political action committees, and labor unions.