Victory in Vermont

The year is 2010.  Vermont Yankee is a 40 year old, antiquated and outdated power plant.  Reports surface of tritium leaks being discovered into the local Connecticut River valley.  Vermont Yankee's license is up for renewal, but a state law requires the Vermont State Senate must approve relicensing the aging, leaking plant.

Enter VPIRG and other progressive businesses across the state, who launch a concerted effort to convince state senators to vote against relicensing Vermont Yankee.  They in turn hired MSC to create a comprehensive messaging strategy as well as an integrated, targeted online campaign across key legislative districts in Vermont. 

MSC helped deliver over 6 million impressions and sent nearly 5,000 visitors to the VPIRG website, where concerned citizens could learn how to contact their legislators and what they could do to protect the Green Mountain State.  For more information on the campaign and VPIRG's work to block renewal of Vermont Yankee, please visit