AvaTAR SANDS -- Oscar-Winning Material!

Since the launch of their paid media efforts, MacWilliams Sanders Communication has been proud to work with Corporate Ethics International and other environmental advocacy coalitions to increase awareness about the environmental havoc wreaked by tar sands mining in Alberta, Canada. 

Most recently, we were delighted to work with the Tar Sands coalition to produce a full-page ad in Variety linking the tar sands mining across Canada to the mining of Pandora's unobtanium in Director James Cameron's Oscar-winning movie, Avatar.  


The ad was released in this year's Oscar's Special Issue; in addition to the broad circulation of the magazine, the Tar Sands ad also garnered over 10,000 impressions on variety.com. 
For more information on the ad and the broader tar sands environmental campaign, please visit www.dirtyoilsands.org.