Copenhagen and Canada's Climate Crime

Using a highly-targeted,  integrated online and mobile ad strategy -- and working closely with Google -- MSC launched a revolutionary campaign to reach delegation audiences at the United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark as well as decision makers in Ottawa, Washington DC, New York, Toronto, and other major North American cities. 

The campaign aimed to educate global opinion leaders about the devastation to the world’s climate and Canada’s environment of oil sands mining in Alberta. The climate conference in Copenhagen provided a unique opportunity to target opinion leaders phones and laptops.  In order to attract attention to such an important environmental issue at such a critical time, we created three different flights of banner and text ads.

MSC multi-layered targeting approach to delivered flash, banner, and text ads that generated unprecedented click throughs on both continents, driving online and mobile traffic to the website. The campaign’s click through rate was ten times the average performance of ads placed on the Google’s advertising network, demonstrating the effectiveness of the creative and targeting.


"Minnesota Nice" Work

MSC is excited to be working again with the Minnesota Environmental Partnership.  We're hard at work analyzing public opinion research, messaging, and polling to help MEP focus on the right priorities in the coming year. MEP and its partners have made significant contributions to protecting Minnesotans health, natural resources, and quality of life in the past decade. With a busy legislative and electoral season around the corner, MEP will be positioned once again to make real progress.

Hooks, Lines, and Thinkers

Some of the best stewards of the environment have always been hunters and anglers -- the men and women who love spending time fishing and hunting in the outdoors, and who want to protect the forests and waters where fish and game can be found.  We are working with the Sierra Club's Sierra Sportsmen group to expand their outreach to outdoors enthusiasts, hunters, and anglers nationwide through a revolutionary online advertising campaign.

360 Million Pounds Per Year?

The Chesapeake Bay is threatened by the millions of pounds of nitrogen pollution that run into its waters each year.  This pollution threatens public health and is strangling the Chesapeake ecosystem.  Through its innovative public and private partnership approach, the Chesapeake Fund is showing businesses, NGOs, government, and individuals how to reduce their nitrogen pollution.  MSC has helped the Chesapeake Fund hone its strategic plan and message as it develops this critical new tool to help restore the Chesapeake Bay. 

Clean Energy Alternatives and Global Warming

In the U.S., MSC is excited to be working with Fresh Energy and the RE-AMP coalition of nonprofits and foundations to spread the word about clean energy and reducing global warming pollutants across the Midwest. Click here to learn more.

One of the most environmentally destructive projects on Earth, the strip mining of tar sands in Alberta, Canada is on track to extend over a land mass the size of Michigan. Click here to learn more.

Not Big, Not Bad? Not Nearly Enough of Them

The Mexican Gray Wolf is the most endangered mammal in North America. There are only 52 left in the wild. And just two breeding pairs. We developed a communications and outreach strategy that is helping local, regional, and national groups that are working to save the Mexican Wolf.

Visit the MexicanWolves.Org website or check out the Wolf’s FacebookYouTube, and MySpace pages to learn more about how you can join us in working to bring the Mexican Gray Wolf back from the brink of extinction.